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Instrumental Groups

"Woodwind Players," performing delightful instrumental arrangements from classical to jazz to spirituals.  Three separate ensembles -- clarinet, flute, and saxophone -- demonstrate the expressive capacities of these diverse instruments, and will share an intimate music experience associated with the tradition of "Chamber Music" concerts in palaces, grand homes, and places of worship.

Saxophone Quartet: This four-part chamber music ensemble explores music written and arranged specifically for saxophones. The repertoire includes a variety of genres from transcriptions of medieval madrigals to modern pop and jazz. The instrumentation includes the four different size saxophones, providing a pleasing mixture of various timbres.

Flute Quartet: This elegant sounding four-part ensemble includes three different sized flutes. Repertoire includes transcriptions and arrangements of familiar songs and melodies. 

Sax/Flute Quartet: Each of these four-part ensembles features a variety of musical genres arranged for the flute or saxophone families. Both flute and saxophone quartets have been featured at local church performances, older adult facilities, and community events across the valley. 

Clarinet Trio: This chamber ensemble includes two soprano and one bass clarinet. Their repertoire includes selections representing original compositions and transcriptions of music borrowed from other genres.

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