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Autism Awareness Month: Student Spotlight on Pat

Image of Pat drawing with markers, next to an image he drew and colored of two students wearing BHMA sweatshirts.

Pat is a first year student in the Two-Year Transition Program at BHMA, studying life skills and vocation in a music-infused environment.  As someone on the autism spectrum, Pat is able to focus on the details in life, and he uses this skill to recreate drawings and to learn music.

Image of a drawing Pat did of the Heidi's Song cover.

From the moment he arrived on our campus, staff noted his passion and enthusiasm not only for singing and piano, but also for art. Pat’s mother notes that he started drawing at a very young age, and that creating the art was quite soothing for him. As he grew older, Pat noticed that his artwork was pleasing to people, and he started creating drawings that connected him to others. His art work has been sold at various events, displayed at shows, and he has created numerous gifts for others. At BHMA, Pat has shared drawings with other students and staff members, and his art is appreciated by our entire community. Musically, Pat has a vast knowledge of classic jazz songs and standards, such as Duke Ellington and Frank Sinatra, with his favorite song being Fly Me to the Moon. He has a beautiful baritone voice and perfect pitch, and can accompany himself. Pat has been an incredible addition to the BHMA community! 


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