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Adrienne Salmon

Director of Music & Music Vocation

After working in human services and childcare for many years, Adrienne Salmon graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2013 with her degree in Music Therapy. Upon receiving her Board Certification, she worked as a private contractor with individuals with disabilities in many settings including: early intervention, inclusion classrooms with children of all ages, psychiatric facilities, group homes, and geriatrics/end of life care before finding a home at BHMA.

What particularly stands out to Adrienne about BHMA is the dedication to vocation, independence, and human rights of each student. She enjoys bringing music into the classroom to teach social skills and work ethics, as well as to local elder care facilities with the goal of teaching music vocation. Adrienne also enjoys getting to bring her strong musical preferences into her ensemble classes. In her free time, she teaches voice lessons, has private music therapy clients, and enjoys gardening, yoga, biking, and running.

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