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Kimberly Wyckoff


Kimberly holds a master’s degree From Bay Path University in Developmental Psychology and has a certificate in autism spectrum disorders. Prior to working at BHMA she held the role of Autism Specialist and Autism Waiver Broker Supervisor. In this role she worked closely with families to create diverse and unique plans of care for children who have been diagnosed with a developmental disability.

Kimberly has a love for music, acting, and dance. Her experience in the arts includes being a competitive dancer, a professional cheerleader, dance teacher, and participating in many theater productions. Kimberly believes that communication and self-expression doesn’t just need to be verbal, and that communication can be done in many forms. Due to her personal experience Kimberly appreciates and understands how the different art disciplines can assist an individual in their own independent growth and self-expression. As the Clinician at BHMA she plans to utilize the different art disciplines to enhance her therapeutic methods when working with each individual.

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