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BHMA Bands

Capabilities: The Capabilities are a powerhouse crew of long-time LIVE members and top-level musicians at BHMA. The members of the group have vast experience performing across the Northeast for crowds of all ages. Their repertoire spans from pop/rock hits to Broadway classics, and the full rhythm section and four vocalists can bring any style to life. The Capabilities 100% live up to their name: they can do it all! 

NeurodiversiTones: The NeurodiversiTones is a student ensemble, featuring graduates from Berkshire Hills’ two-year program. This ensemble performs weekly at various senior centers, council on aging centers, assisted living and nursing homes facilities across Western Massachusetts. 

The Sound Squad: The Sound Squad are a small student ensemble that perform soulful classics, oldies, and contemporary favorites to audiences across Western Massachusetts. The Sound Squad are regulars at community events, day service programs and older adult facilities, sharing their true love of music with each performance.

The BHMA Jazz Ensemble: The BHMA Jazz Ensemble has performed across new England, from fundraisers, conferences and corporate events to parties and local jazz festivals. Their showcased performances feature a mix of jazz standards and classics from the American Songbook.

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