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BHMA is a unique college-like program for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are looking to expand their social, vocational, and life skills in a music-infused environment.  Our admissions process is multi-layered to ensure a mutual fit for both BHMA and the applicant.  

Please be advised that BHMA has approached capacity and space for the 2024-2025 year is limited. While we don't discourage prospective candidates from applying, we do suggest looking into other options in the event we can not accommodate new admissions.  

  1. Complete the online inquiry form

  2. After you submit the inquiry form, you'll be contacted by Admissions to schedule an appointment via phone call or Zoom. This conversation will help determine if BHMA is a potential match for the prospective student.

  3. If the admissions office feels the candidate may benefit from BHMA programs, they will schedule a tour.

  4. Upon completion of a successful tour, you may be invited to fill out an online application form at Note: account access will only be established after filling out the inquiry form and speaking with an admissions representative.

  5. Submit required documents through our online application system. The checklist includes:

    • Most recent Individualized Education Program (IEP), Individualized Service Plan (ISP), or program equivalent. 

    • Most recent psychological and/or neuropsychological tests. Preferred: testing completed within the last three years.

    • Annual physical examination from within the last year that includes immunizations. An optional form can be downloaded from our online application system.

    • Contact information for two references.

    • Mental health counselor release form (BHMA does require that applicants are in good mental health standing)

    • Other relevant evaluations and assessments: educational, transitional skills, speech & language, FBA, OT, PT, etc.

Once all steps are completed, we will be in touch regarding the rest of the admissions process.

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