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Music is at the center of our unique program, and we use it as a vehicle to advance skills for communication, independence, and employment. We welcome all individuals, from beginners to expert-level musicians, who share an intrinsic love of music and have a willingness to learn. Our highly trained staff employs the therapeutic value of music to help students express themselves, connect with others, and build self-confidence.


The Two-Year Transition Program includes two private lessons per week. Students are paired with instructors based on their interests, learning style, and level of musicality. Each individual is encouraged to establish new skills, in addition to furthering their study of preferred instruments. Following the Two-Year Transition Program, LIVE members may continue developing their repertoire in private lessons.

Instrument Options

• Voice

• Keyboard/Piano

• Guitar

• Woodwind

• Brass

• String

• Drums/Percussion

• Dance


Ensembles are collaborative music experiences designed to teach participants how to be in a band, listen to one another, and channel their creative energy. In a supportive team environment, individual parts combine to form a full and complete piece. With over a dozen ensembles offered each semester, students are exposed to an array of musical genres.

Ensemble Options

• Chorus

• Musical Theater

• Jazz and Soul

• Rock and Roll

• Folk

• Reggae

• World Music

• Percussion

Performance Opportunities

BHMA provides a number of individual and group performance opportunities. At Variety Hour, our weekly performance lab, students present pieces they are working on in their lessons, and staff members offer positive feedback and constructive critiques. Each semester also features formal concerts, including ensemble and solo showcases. These experiences give students the chance to demonstrate their musical growth and practice their social skills, including stage presence, public speaking, and audience participation.

Music Vocation

Students may pursue solo careers through enrollment in the Music Management Program––helping them establish and market their identity as an artist. Those who join our working bands or dance groups dedicate daily time to practice, and are paid to perform at a wide variety of venues throughout the year. Sharing their passion on stage raises visibility, promotes acceptance, and changes perceptions of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

Music & Movement

Our Music & Movement Program is designed to stimulate, stretch, and energize the mind and body together. A natural extension of music, movement is an active channel to develop spatial awareness, coordination, and body mechanics. Yoga, Zumba, and Dance Ensemble provide a series of exercises that require listening, following, and implementing directions. Students may also opt to take private lessons in various styles of dance. 

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