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Our art classes and programs give students who are interested in the visual arts an opportunity to express their creativity. Using a range of mediums, from printmaking to photography, individuals can pursue art as a passion project or as a vocational track. BHMA’s off-campus studio provides a focused environment for making art.

Art Classes

Students in BHMA’s art classes make beautifully colorful paintings, prints, and ceramics. Individuals take ownership over their artistic method—they set up and break down their workstation, and select what colors and materials to use. As they paint and mold, they build transferable work skills, such as task and time management.

Ascending Artist Program

The Ascending Artist Program allows individuals who have demonstrated an interest in the visual arts to express their creativity, while fostering their vocational skills. Students meet at our off-campus studio and use accessible mediums to produce bright, engaging, and dynamic pieces of art. The artists instill beauty into our community, and keep a portion of the profits from the sale of their work.


Art Studio

Successful sales at local art shows and businesses paved the way for BHMA to expand its visual arts program and secure its own studio. Providing an authentic work experience, students increase their autonomy as they leave campus each day and go to their jobsite. The space encourages self-discovery through artistic exploration and intentional learning.


In Photography class, students become familiar with digital camera equipment as they learn how to compose and capture a photo. Working individually and with one another, participants explore a variety of photography opportunities through community outings. By sharing photos with peers, students collect feedback that informs the editing process and helps them finalize their work.

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