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Image of students Ben (foreground) and Connor (background) writing in composition books during Creative Writing class.


Two-Year Transition Program

The Two-Year Transition Program allows us to get to know each student and establish a baseline of their skill sets. Our staff members support individuals as they learn to live with greater independence, and use observation, data collection, and assessment to monitor their progress. During this time, we are able to identify strengths and opportunities for growth, helping to chart their path forward.

  • Ages 18-30

  • Day or residential

  • Functionally based academics

  • Social, vocational, and life skills classes

  • Private music lessons and ensembles

  • Structured schedule combines core classes and experiential learning

LIVE Program

Students who complete the Two-Year Transition Program may matriculate into the Long-Term Independent Vocational Experience (LIVE) Program. Expanding on the foundational skills developed in the first two years, the LIVE Program provides a more personalized approach aimed at achieving the individual’s specific goals. We offer a variety of options for vocational preparation and placement, supplemented by independent living classes and music enrichment. 

  • Long-term option for graduates of the Two-Year program

  • Day or residential

  • Focus on paid employment

  • Vocational options include general, music, art, or a blended program

  • Continued music, social, and life skills classes

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