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A Month of Celebrations at BHMA

May has been a month of celebrations at BHMA! As the spring semester came to an end we had a community wide Field Day equipped with a bouncy house, bouncy slide, t-shirt tie-dyeing, face painting and karaoke (a BHMA favorite)! We were also able to celebrate the individual accomplishments of our seven 2022 BHMA graduates.

2022 Field Day:

While we love celebrating the accomplishments of our current BHMA students there is no shortage of great work being completed by our BHMA alums. We are proud to share that two of our alumni, Sujeet Desai and Graham Campbell, recently presented at the 2022 Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress (MDSC). The mission of MDSC is “to ensure individuals with Down syndrome in Massachusetts are valued, included, and given the opportunities to pursue fulfilling lives by providing information, networking opportunities, and advocacy for people with Down syndrome and their families, educators, health care professionals, and the community-at-large.”

Given the great work being done at the MDSC we were thrilled to hear that Sujeet, BHMA class of 2003, was asked to be their keynote speaker. Sujeet is a musician, motivational speaker, and the first individual with Down syndrome to play at Carnegie Hall. His keynote message to conference participants was one of inspiration and hope and can be listened to here. We hope you enjoy his message as much as we did!

Graham Campbell, BHMA graduate from the class of 2009, was given the honor of introducing Sujeet at the conference. Graham is a member of the MDSC Self Advocate Advisory Council and he is a pianist who plays regularly at local venues throughout Massachusetts. An introduction to both alums can be viewed at the linked 32:53 marker.

We are always proud of our BHMA participant’s, current and former, and can’t wait to share our community with a new cohort of BHMA participants joining us in the fall!


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