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Alumni Spotlight: Graham Applies Skills From Music & Human Service Program to Vocation at Home

Image of John Libera, left, wearing a yellow and blue-striped polo shirt, posing next to Graham Campbell, right, wearing a light pink polo shirt; they are standing in the Great Room.

Last Friday's Variety Hour featured a very special performance from Graham Campbell, alumnus of the BHMA class of 2009, who came back to campus to share seven beautiful piano selections (set list below, plus an encore) with our current student body and staff. While at BHMA, Graham was part of the MHS Second Year Seminar-- a pre-vocation skill development course that uses music based experiences for learning and practicing basic, transferable work skills. There are four basic content areas of study with particular focus on creating and managing success in the workplace environment including social skills, music and activity skills, communication skills, and organization skills. Students in MHS receive small group instruction in a classroom setting, and practice these skills in the community, performing for older adults at over a dozen sites. The combination of classroom activities plus the practical application of those learned skills at fieldwork help to solidify fundamental and transferable work skills.

Since transitioning back home to the Boston area following graduation from the Two-Year

Transition Program, Graham has successfully taken the principles he learned from MHS at BHMA and applied them to work in his own community. He regularly performs at nursing homes, day programs, and community centers. His favorite genre is classical music and he loves to play pieces from various operas.

Photo of Graham's program from his BHMA performance.

Graham continues to challenge himself and expand his repertoire by taking piano lessons, and when he's not working, Graham loves traveling, sports, singing in choir, and spending time with his friends and family. He currently lives with friends in a household of five people for three weeks per month, and spends one week per month with his family who reside nearby. Check out the fantastic clip of Graham's performance below. Thanks for sharing your music with us, Graham! Keep up the great work!


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