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Autism Awareness Month: Be Transported to Peru by the Sounds of Etienne’s Panpipes

Picture of Etienne Perley, wearing his multi-colored poncho, performing with his panpipes at church.

Etienne, a LIVE (Long Term Independent Vocation) Member of

Berkshire Hills Music Academy,  is a talented musician, specializing in bringing audiences on a musical journey to the Andes Mountains of Peru by showcasing Peruvian sikus, or panpipes. Adopted from Peru as an infant, Etienne has been listening to the sounds of his native land since he was a very young child, including the music of Inca Son, & he recalls his first set of pan pipes fondly.  Etienne also studied viola, piano, drums, and guitar as a child and teen & had opportunities to sing in the Boston Children’s Opera. All of these experiences have influenced the varied musician he has become today, and at this point Etienne has chosen to perform mainly as a Peruvian musician, playing the panpipes and singing.

Etienne has been a part of the BHMA community for ten years. He came to BHMA to not only continue to study music, but to learn skills in living independently, such as laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, and budgeting.  The development of these skills contributed to Etienne’s eventual move off campus, where he now lives with a roommate. Another important component of Etienne’s growth at BHMA was his work on being around and socializing with others. Etienne notes that he was able to develop true friendships at BHMA, and that he learned to be much more flexible. The flexibility, in particular, has supported his growth as a musician, as it is vital that one is flexible when working within a musical group.

Etienne has worked other musical groups, including Inkas Wasi (a professional Andean band based in Boston), & he was even able to connect musically with Inca Son, the band he loved as a child. Etienne plays and sings with the BHMA Performance Troupe and as a solo musician. He is available for solo gigs and has played for elders, small town festivals, restaurants, and schools in and around New England.


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