Student Highlights During COVID

Eman Tuzman-Eagan

In August Eman Tuzman-Eagan launched his own podcast, "Getting to Know You." Created out of a desire to learn more about his peers, Eman has interviewed three students so farJoey Gagnon, John Libera, and Mary Westgateand has asked them questions about everything from their music interests, to their experiences living with a disability. Eman hopes to interview more members of the BHMA community, including former students and staff. You can find his podcast on YouTube.

Tori Ackley

Singer/songwriter Tori Ackley recently released her latest album, VICTORIOUS—using her journalistic style to deliver messages of empowerment. To celebrate the release of her album, Tori hosted a virtual release party on Friday, November 13, live streamed from the Bernon Music Center and featuring performances by Tori and her band. The CD is available to buy and stream online at

Alexandra Kirwan

Alexandra Kirwan is passionate about politics. She loves learning about presidents and has used her music therapy lessons to make songs about Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Barack Obama, and the three branches of government. Alexandra is a strong advocate for herself and was thrilled to vote for the first time this Election Day.

Connor Thompson

Connor Thompson has used the pandemic to hone his photography craft, guided by our Vocational Advisor Carly Brunault and his own instincts. From wildlife shots, to nature scenes, he has been building his portfolio of images and growing his business, Spectrum Inspired Photography by Connor S. Thompson. Connor has recently been learning how to use a tripod and was also hired to take headshots for the Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism. Check out his many incredible photos at

Graham Campbell

Class of 2009

Graham Campbell has been able to return part time to his job at a barbershop in the Boston area. Following COVID precautions, Graham helps keep the shop clean between appointments. He recently surprised his bosses with a video clip of his playing of Irving Berlin's ‘What'll I Do’ on the piano, the first time he had shared his music with the barbershop crew, much to their delight.

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