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Student Spotlight: Ana Li Harper

Picture of Ana Li Harper, wearing glasses and a black and red plaid shirt smiling in front of a building with yellow siding.

Ana Li Harper began her journey at BHMA as a 16-year-old Summer Program participant in 2014. She has attended every summer since then, and made the transition into our Two-Year Transition Program last fall. As Ana Li enters her second year at BHMA, there are many successes to reflect on. An active and engaged member of our community, she has taken advantage of many of the opportunities for participation across the board. When asked about her favorite classes, Ana Li exclaimed, “Music is my favorite! I love playing the drums in World Music Ensemble, and Musical Theater is so much fun.” She is a talented drummer, pianist, and vocalist, with a desire to learn and grow her repertoire.

Picture of Ana Li Harper, wearing a faded pink blouse under a gray sweater and a TJMaxx lanyard, sorting through hanger tags as she works at TJMaxx.

Described by staff as a social butterfly, Ana Li is kind, compassionate, and helpful. She maintains innumerable friendships from her hometown on Massachusetts’ North Shore, as well as here on campus. She loves being in the company of others and listed going into town with her friends, playing on the BHMA soccer and basketball teams, and attending open mic nights at local music venues as a few of her favorite recreational activities. Ana Li embodies the spirit of Berkshire Hills; she is highly motivated and demonstrates a strong work ethic in her many endeavors. She exudes pride in all domains— whether she is whipping up delicious dumplings in cooking class, buying groceries for her apartment, working shifts as an associate at TJ Maxx, or managing her hard-earned cash in Money Management class. She continues building her independence each day, all while immersing herself in an environment filled with music. We are so excited to see what else is in store for Ana Li at BHMA!


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