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Summer Program at BHMA: Music, Recreation, and Fun for Young Adults with Disabilities

Image of ten students wearing tie-dye shirts posing together in BHMA's backyard; green grass, trees, and partly cloudy sky are visible in the background.

For many, summer camp is a staple in adolescence, and it is one that helps to mark the important move toward independence and adulthood. Berkshire Hills Music Academy’s Summer Program embodies this transitory mindset and works to bridge the gap between life phases, and more simply, school years. Each summer, BHMA opens its doors for four weeks, and invites individuals aged 16-25 with developmental disabilities to experience what our dynamic program has to offer. For some, attending Summer Program is their first interaction with BHMA; for others, it is central to their summer routine, as it is a place they return to year after year. Whether a newcomer or a veteran, the growth-oriented Summer Program aims to build upon the skills of its participants in a fun and engaging way.

Summer Program is modeled after BHMA’s busy academic year schedule, but with a differing emphasis. For Two-Year Transition Program participants, from September through May, the three core areas of programming are life skills, vocation, and music; whereas during Summer Program, the focus shifts to musical, social, and recreational activities. Each day of the program consists of a wide variety of offerings—from fitness, health, music lessons and classes, to social skills building, karaoke, and trips out in the community. Both sessions conclude with a concert to highlight the achievements that have been made throughout the two weeks. BHMA’s unique approach to summer programming produces a well-rounded experience for attendees to obtain a sense of what BHMA is, and who they are as young adults. 

The Rock ‘n’ Roll session will be held from July 8 to July 21, and the Broadway session from July 22 to August 4. All new applicants will be interviewed in person or via phone, and must submit two references. Space is limited, so act fast!


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