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Behind the Scenes: BHMA's Journey with South Hadley Community Television

For over a year now, a dedicated group of participants from BHMA have been lending their talents to South Hadley's local television station, SHCTV. This collaboration marks a unique opportunity where vocational students immerse themselves in the world of media production, honing fundamental communication skills and executive functioning under the guidance of station director, Dan Pease and BHMA vocational staff, Hanan Khan.

Vocational Participants at SHTV

"This partnership is more than just volunteering; it's about empowering participants through hands-on experience," says Dan Pease, the director of SHCTV. "We've tailored a program that not only captures the interest of our audience but also serves as a platform for personal and professional development."

At the heart of this initiative lies a dynamic "News Room" scenario. Every Thursday, BHMA participants engage in activities ranging from crafting stories based on their interests or current events to presenting them in the television studio. Working closely with Hanan and Dan participants learn the art of effective storytelling, mastering the details of writing for broadcast.

"We're not just reporting news; we're sharing our interests and working on our communication skills," remarks one BHMA student, reflecting on their experience. "Being part of SHCTV has helped my confidence and taught me the importance of speaking clearly to my audience."

Filming and editing at SHCTV

The collaborative process extends beyond the writing stage. Stories undergo editing for timing and sequencing, ensuring a polished final product. The week-long preparation culminates in a studio recording session at SHCTV, offering participants invaluable opportunities for problem-solving, navigating transitions, and receiving constructive feedback.

"All the skills acquired here are directly transferable to real-life situations," adds Dan. "From effective communication to teamwork and adaptability, participants are gaining invaluable skills that will serve them well beyond the studio walls."

As BHMA continues to nurture this partnership, the community is invited to tune in and witness the growth and development of these budding media professionals. Through dedication and collaboration, BHMA and SHCTV are empowering vocational participants to shine both on-screen and off.


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