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Life After BHMA: A Visit From A Special Alum

Berkshire Hills Music Academy students were treated to a visit recently from one of our alumni, Mike, who shared his knowledge of cooking with an eager group of learners. 

Image of Mike Heath, wearing a chef's uniform, in the BHMA student kitchen.

Mike graduated from BHMA's Two-Year Transition Program in 2006, and then participated in our Extended Learning Program (now referred to as LIVE) until 2008. At that time, he transitioned to the Threshold Program at Lesley University. Now a graduate of Threshold, Mike is working full time as a chef in a kitchen at Lesley, helping to feed over 300 students each day! Additionally, Mike lives in an apartment with two roommates, and maintains an active life in addition to work, full of family, friendships, and activities. 

Mike Heath preparing food in the BHMA student kitchen.

Mike shared his intimate knowledge of preparing and cooking food by making a favorite recipe, beef tacos. This was an excellent choice for our students, as many of them love tacos and are therefore motivated to learn how to make them, and the recipe that Mike provided is one that is manageable for beginning cooks to learn. Mike guided the students through each step, including everything from gathering ingredients ahead of time, safely chopping the vegetables, checking the temperature of the meat, and, of course, making sure that the end presentation looks delicious! All the students loved eating the final product, and were very grateful to Mike for not only sharing his skills, but for giving them a preview of some of the many options for life after BHMA. Up next for Mike? He will be joining our Performance Troupe on stage at the upcoming Fanfare Gala. We can't wait to see him trade his chef's hat for a pair of drum sticks that night! 


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