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BHMA Alum Eamon Anderson Joins Prestigious Scorekeepers Library as Contributing Composer

With the guidance and support of BHMA faculty member Dirk Litzner, alumnus Eamon Anderson has diligently pursued his passion for music over the past few years. His relentless dedication and hard work have culminated in a significant achievement... this spring, Eamon was honored with an acceptance as a contributing composer to the prestigious Scorekeepers Library in Los Angeles!

Scorekeepers is renowned for providing a vast selection of over 150,000 tracks to Emmy Award-winning shows and various network television content. As a contributing composer, Eamon is thrilled to have the opportunity to see his original compositions featured on major television networks.

Since graduating from BHMA, Eamon has remained deeply connected to the institution, performing with BHMA ensembles for several years. Currently residing in Weymouth, MA, he continues to enrich the musical community both locally and beyond with his contributions and talents.

Check out Eamon’s journey and music here: 


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