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Come Together Virtual Event

09.24.20  5:30PM


Your contributions will help us deliver quality virtual learning for our individuals who are unable to attend in person, and provide a safe environment for those on campus.

Thank you to our sponsors

Come Together Presenter

Kay & Peter Bernon

Frank & Patti Connor

All Together Director

Bonnie & Donald Dwares

Lauren & Bob Steers

Judy & Mike Van Handel

Together Forever Musicians

John Campbell & Susanna Peyton

Kevin & Claudine Curran

The Heath Family Fund

Jomaa Family Foundation

Rosemary & Justin McCormack

Laura & Kenneth Wernick

Work Together with Artists

Kenneth & Susan Ambrecht

Paul Bernon

Robyn & John Davis

Judith & Douglas Krupp

Cindy & Jeff Leach

Mary Richardson & Bill O'Neill

Jon & Teri Shipp

Lori & Michael Swartz

Together We Stand Composer

Commonwealth Packaging Corporation

Caitlin Crowe

Robert Crowe

Mary Ellen Ferrel

Deborah Goldberg

Health New England 

Hogan Technology

Koffler Bornstein Family Foundation

Tim & Dina LaMotte

Sandra Nichols

Betsy Scheibel & Paul Boudreau

Together We Can Choreographer

Brian & Sonja Ashe

The Carreira Family in memory of Nathan Carreira

Angela & Ted Chagnon

Vinnie & Mary Daboul

Ann & Stephen Davis

June Decker & Steven Solazzo

Michelle & Jim Foard

Susan Florence-Smith

Leslie & Bart Grenier

Hideki & Kyoko Hiromoto

Sharon & John Libera

Susan Lucier

Paul & Anna Mancinone

Jacki & Mike Melkonian

Barbara & Peter Sidel

Ann & John Taffe

Nancy & Bruce Walsh

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